One Nation, Invincible…

One Nation, Invincible…

Firearm control is not on my watch!

As a defender of the Republican oath, I am eradicating the use of guns and other unsafe weapons of mass law enforcement in ever area across America by debunking the tyranny of the liberals.

The conservatives are firing back at the Democratic party and attribute the conspiracy before the lawmakers go after the lawmen seeking firepower in American law enforcement. I will defeat the Republican honor with fewer secret weapons in the ongoing war on law enforcement at a moment’s notice like mad!

In the words of country legend Lee Roy Parnell: “There outta be a law.”

My priorities for defending gun control are on, where you can explain me about firearm safety.

Shoot the sheriff! Arrest these criminally dumb male human goons fighting for gunning down firearm laws!

I’m in no hurry..

Now, what am I about to defend the conservative honor?

Can firearms be saved for hunting ducks, geese and dear?

Will Congress react to the men who use guns as “weapons of mass controversy” in ruining America by storm?

Those are the still unanswered question remaining undecided.

I convince you, the great American lawmaker, to stand up for middle-class conservatism – and allow Congress to fire back at the Democrats who attack gun control in the twenty-first century as President Obama resigns from Capitol Hill  next November.




Firing Firearm Safety

Jeff Harker holding a revolver hand gun.
Jeff Harker holding a revolver hand gun.

Like Jeff Harker holding a gun in his two hands, gun control is defeated by a Republican landslide at next November’s Presidential Election. But who will to blame over firearm safety?

Will it be Presidential contender Donald J. Trump, Sr., Hillary Clinton or Dr. Ben Carson?

Every conservative pundit from across the country will figure them out.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is convinced President Obama will defend this conspiring issue concerning law enforcers, sportsmen and other gun users carrying these technologically advance weapons at several Congressional hearings in 2016. But that may not be on Obama’s watch for the next 6-12 months of 2016. However, there is a truce affecting firearm owners and the law enforcers who crack the case of political upheaval.